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With Business Keeper Insight, our new format for our clients and users of the BKMS® Compliance System, we'd like to inform you twice a year about the latest news from Business Keeper AG. Keep abreast of all developments, new applications of our products, best practices and upcoming projects.

Business Keeper Insight aims to provide you with ideas and potential solutions for your daily compliance work. We would like to work with you on presenting some practical case studies that illustrate the applications. Do not hesitate to share your ideas and suggestions with us.

"Business Keeper Insight" 02/2020

Dear readers,  

We very much hope that you are doing well despite the turbulent times and would like to welcome you to the second issue of “Business Keeper Insight” in 2020, our exclusive news format for our clients and users of the BKMS® Compliance System. 

The year 2020 has been a time of upheaval and has brought with it numerous changes, particularly as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. A few upgrades and changes have also occurred at Business Keeper AG: besides the new digital approach to work by our employees, which has allowed us to maintain our service and software support levels across the board without any compromises, one of our most important products has also undergone a transformation. We would like to use this opportunity today, in our client newsletter, to officially announce the renaming of the BKMS® System and explain the reasons for the change.

This issue also contains interesting information on the expansion of our collaboration with the language service provider A.C.T. and the associated benefits that we would like to offer you. In addition, you can find out about another successful certification as well as new features in the whistleblowing system, which are intended to give you an even better overview and make your work with reports in the system even easier. Because, in these challenging times, we want to continue offering you the best possible support in your daily work. Last but not least, you can also save the date for the next seminar "Communicating with Whistleblowers" in the spring of 2021!

Are there any other topics that we should definitely be covering in this news format? We look forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions. We also offer a platform to external experts wishing to contribute interviews or guest articles to “Business Keeper Insight”.

We wish you an enjoyable read.


The Business Keeper AG whistleblowing system “BKMS® System” is being renamed as “BKMS® Incident Reporting”

When Kenan Tur founded Business Keeper AG in 2000, his aim was to combat corruption and economic crime in order to help preserve value within the economy. This would be made possible using web-based software – which was subsequently recognised as the first whistleblowing system to be developed in Europe, the “BKMS® System”. The aim was to give whistleblowers the opportunity to report irregularities securely and anonymously. The past 20 years has seen a change not just in our understanding of compliance, but also in the requirements associated with managing compliance tasks. As a result, we have developed more applications to support the work of compliance officers in business partner due diligence, approval processes and case management documentation, among other things.

We have integrated all the solutions for our clients in the “BKMS® Compliance System”, hence the decision to rename our whistleblowing system: the name “ BKMS® Compliance System” for the platform is very similar to the “BKMS® System” for the whistleblowing system. To create greater clarity and transparency, in future we want to place the focus even more on the function of all our software solutions. For that reason, we have decided to rename the “BKMS® System” as the “BKMS® Incident Reporting” effective immediately.

What does this mean for you? For you and your work with our whistleblowing system, nothing changes apart from the name, so you can continue to use our highly secure and certified system as per usual. We will gradually adapt the new name over the coming months. So, there is no need for you to take any action in this respect.

Do you have any questions about the change of name? Your account managers would be pleased to provide more information.

Successful completion of the certification process – BKMS® Incident Reporting is the first whistleblowing system and European web application to receive the WACA seal for accessibility in line with the new WCAG 2.1 test criteria

Accessibility on the internet, i.e. the unrestricted and easy accessibility to web offers for all people, is becoming increasingly important for social interaction with respect to equal treatment as well as equal opportunity. Websites and applications are considered accessible if they are extremely user-friendly, meaning that people with impairments, e.g. seeing, hearing or in case of technical or language limitations, do not suffer any disadvantages when using the web offer.

“Accessibility for all people is absolutely critical for whistleblowing systems as a fast and easy reporting channel to clarify and prevent issues in companies. So, the certification with the WACA seal was a particular focus for us and we are pleased that BKMS® Incident Reporting enables us to offer the first accessible whistleblowing system in Europe that provides all users with an equally high level of access,” says Kai Leisering, Executive Director of Business Keeper AG.

WACA (Web Accessibility Certificate Austria) is the first independent certificate that makes accessibility under the international W3C guidelines (WCAG 2.0 or 2.1 – AA) visible to outside parties. The BKMS® Incident Reporting certification marks the first time that the WACA has issued a certification based on the significantly more comprehensive WCAG 2.1 test criteria compared to WCAG 2.0.

Collaboration with language service provider – Business Keeper AG clients will now also benefit from the partnership with our translation partner A.C.T.

A.C.T. has been providing language services since 1989 and offers clients a wide range of translation services as well as other multilingual communication offers. Clients will benefit from a translation service into over 90 languages and across all subjects, from the latest technologies and free SSL-encrypted online order portal as well as other services. Business Keeper has now been collaborating with A.C.T. for over 10 years – always with the aim of expanding the partnership and working together to implement high-quality translation projects.

We now also want to open this collaboration up to Business Keeper AG clients, as the core focus of this close cooperation is not just the two partners but above all the mutual service orientation towards clients. Clients of Business Keeper AG can now order translations from A.C.T. with special conditions and so benefit directly from the know-how of complex and often sensitive translation services in the area of compliance. We have worked together with A.C.T. to create a portal especially for BK clients to make it easy for interested clients to request translation orders with favourable conditions.

The registration steps are simple:

  • Open the link and complete the registration form.
  • Business Keeper checks your registration information.
  • After confirmation by Business Keeper you will receive an email that lets you log in with your access data. You can then use your user account to benefit directly from the partner conditions and the specially discounted prices.

Interested? Then register now at the following link: https://bk.act-translations.com

New “Channels Page” with category-dependent reporting processes enables even more targeted information

Once the decision to make a report has been made, whistleblowers are often stressed and find themselves in an unfamiliar situation. One of our main concerns is therefore to constantly improve the whistleblower communication to provide the best possible support for whistleblowers with the help of a clear and intuitive user interface.

By developing the new “Channels Page” we have created a central launch page, prior to the reporting process, on which the user can choose from different category-dependent reporting processes. This allows the individual reporting processes to be structured for different target groups, which supports even more targeted reporting. In addition, the Channels Page makes it possible to bundle reporting processes by subcontractors.

Short explanatory texts can be added to each of the individual reporting channels. The new navigation with the help of widgets lets you quickly and easily switch between the reporting processes and return to the homepage. To make the reporting page even clearer, in future there will be the option of using info icons to explain the checkboxes on the reporting page. We have also adapted the design of the Channels Page to a new, modern look. The Channels Page can be implemented as a standard solution.

Features and functions

*** New “First answer” column integrated into the report overview ***

The newly integrated column with the “First answer” heading will make the report overview even clearer in future. A tick ✓ in the column will immediately let examiners know whether an initial response has already been provided to the whistleblower (tick set) or not (empty field in the column) – irrespective of whether the answer has already been read. This lets you know where a first answer has been provided and where feedback is still outstanding at a glance.

*** Report number can now also be calculated based on the order number ***

After completing a reporting process, the report is assigned a unique reference number that allows whistleblowers to recognise the report and refer to the specific report in dialogue with the examiner. The “Calculate report number” function lets the Sysadm determine the report number to which the reference number indicated by the whistleblowers relates, as the report and reference number are not identical in order to keep the reports in the report examination anonymous.

Our functional enhancement now gives clients that also use BKMS® Translation the opportunity to enter the order number to calculate the associated report number for which a translation, documentation or recording order exists.

Important: Calculations using the order number can only identify reports that have been received since February 2019. The calculation of the report number based on the order number is not technically possible for reports received before this date.

Business Keeper Insight I/2020

Dear readers,

Welcome to the first 2020 issue of Business Keeper Insight, our exclusive news format for our clients and users of the BKMS® Compliance System.

The current issue of “Business Keeper Insight” informs you about the design overhaul of the examiner page and the new accessibility certification for our BKMS® System. We also would like to point out the option of using SSO and give you some important security advice on Windows 7.

And you are about to get a first glimpse of the 12th BKMS® Experience Day, so please save the date!

Are there any topics you would like us to address in this news format? We look forward to hearing from you. We also offer a platform to external experts wishing to contribute interviews or guest content to “Business Keeper Insight”.

Design overhaul of the examiner page of the BKMS® System

Business Keeper AG continuously advances the applications belonging to the BKMS® Compliance System to ensure the greatest possible security for our clients’ sensitive data. We want to present our modern technology in an attractive design and with a user-friendly interface. That is why we constantly adapt the visual and usability aspects of our applications and maintain ongoing dialogue with market-leading user interface experts.

This time, report examiners using the BKMS® System can look forward to a visual overhaul: the main menu, the report-processing section and the report overview of the BKMS® System are going to receive a brand new design. They will retain their intuitive interface and impeccable security level, of course. The new design will be launched with the February release. If you have any questions, feel free to contact your account manager.

A certificate for the accessibility of the BKMS® System

The European Parliament has passed Directive 2016/2102, stipulating that the websites and mobile applications of public offices must be made uniformly accessible. In Germany, the Equal Opportunities for People with Disabilities Act (Behindertengleichstellungsgesetz, BGG) and the Barrier-free Information Technology Ordinance (Barrierefreie-Informationstechnik-Verordnung, BITV) have already enshrined the principles of this directive in national law. They apply to the entire public sector. Business Keeper AG is keen to give everyone unlimited access to its applications.

We are currently taking all necessary steps to obtain the WACA (Web Accessibility Certificate Austria) certification for our BKMS® System. It is awarded by the independent certification authority OCG (Austrian Computer Society) and strictly aligned with the international W3C guidelines (WCAG 2.1 – AA).  Once the audit, practical test and report conclude, we will share the good news with you and tell you everything about the WACA certification and how it applies to the individual aspects of the BKMS® System.

Transparency publishes the 2019 Corruption Perception Index (CPI)

Transparency International has published its Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) for 2019. As in 2018, Germany has a score of 80 points and ranks ninth out of 180 countries (2018: 11). Denmark and New Zealand took the top ranks (87 points), followed by other Scandinavian countries, Switzerland and Singapore. As in 2018, the conflict-ridden countries of Syria, South Sudan and Somalia came last.

The 2019 surveys focused on the illicit influence of money on political power, and how this issue is perceived by experts and the general public in the various countries. In Germany, Transparency has highlighted shortcomings in political party funding, demanding greater transparency and more severe sanctions in this area. Hartmut Bäumer, the head of Transparency Germany, explained that statutory disclosure obligations are frequently circumvented in Germany and loopholes in sponsorship law are exploited.

Every year, the CPI examines the perceived level of political and administrative corruption in around 180 countries. Its work started in 1995. It is produced on the basis of expert interviews, surveys and other studies. Many clients use the CPI to inform their risk matrices, e.g. within the context of company-wide business partner checks.

Read more

Features and functions

***The BKMS® Compliance System supports SSO***

All applications of the BKMS® Compliance System support single sign-on (SSO) authentication based on the SAML v2 standard. This means that examiners no longer need to log into each application separately. Instead, they can be authenticated by signing into their own company account. The update increases the usability of the system and adds another layer of security. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the functions and implementation of SSO.

***Security advice: Microsoft has ended support for Windows 7***

As of 14 January 2020, Microsoft no longer provides customer support for private users of Windows 7. There will be no further software and security updates. Corporate users can, for a fee, extend their support licence for another three years. This is recommended, as the continued use of Windows 7 without security updates exposes the user to a high risk of cyber attacks. The German Federal Office for Information Security has cautioned against the continued use of the software, advising all users to upgrade to a modern operating system. Business Keeper wants to guarantee the highest possible level of information security to its clients. We thus also recommend that you use a more recent operating system alongside a current version of one of the popular browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Safari) to ensure that your processes remain secure and functional.

Event: seminar: “Communicating with Whistleblowers”, 16–17 March 2020

The seminar “Communicating with Whistleblowers” will be held on Monday, 16 March 2020 and Tuesday, 17 March 2020 at the School of Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) at the Steinbeis University in Berlin. The two-day workshop is aimed at report examiners in companies, organisations and administrative bodies. Participants receive training in communication and psychological skills pertaining to the oral and written dialogue with whistleblowers. They will get to train techniques which allow them to win the trust of (anonymous) whistleblowers and to check their credibility as well as the plausibility of incoming reports. The workshops will be held in small groups.

As even well-versed examiners occasionally face uncertainties during their contact with whistleblowers, the instructors share practical tips on proactive dialogue and handling resistance and inhibition. The professional instructions are complemented by interactive exercises that provide an opportunity to put the skills gained into direct use. Customers of Business Keeper AG receive a discount.

As the March seminar is nearly fully booked, we have scheduled a second event for 21 and 22 September 2020. Interested? Please contact your account manager.

Preview of the 12th BKMS® Experience Day

The BKMS® Experience Day is coming back to Berlin. This year, the Business Keeper AG Compliance Conference will be held on Monday, 15 June and Tuesday, 16 June 2020 in the historical halls of the Ladestraße extension at the German Museum of Technology (Deutsches Technikmuseum), located on the former freight yard attached to the Anhalter Bahnhof.

Once an important shipment centre, the venue now contains spacious rooms that provide a perfect location for the BKMS® Experience Day. Participants can look forward to gripping lectures from renowned experts and a lively exchange of opinions.

We will soon send you a save-the-date with further details about the event. The event is popular, so make a note in your diary quickly. We look forward to another successful BKMS® Experience Day with you.

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