From the first whistleblowing system to a modular compliance software

We drive progress in compliance: As a pioneer in electronic whistleblowing systems, we designed the BKMS® Compliance System as holistic and modular compliance software that supports and simplifies the work of compliance officers with its diverse suite of applications.

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Data privacy & Schrems II

A perfect storm for data protection fines and mass claims?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in effect since May 2018. Since then we have seen some challenging developments, e.g. consumer protection lawyers have started using claims for GDPR damages as a business model and high GDPR fines have been imposed.
To add another layer of complexity, the European Court of Justice has invalidated the EU-US Privacy Shield data transfer mechanism

In our latest webinar Tim Wybitul, a leading expert in the field of data protection, and Kai Leisering, Executive Director of Business Keeper AG, outline challenges around GDPR, data protection and privacy litigation. They also present possible solution approaches and explain in detail what actions companies now have to consider.

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Who we are

BUSINESS KEEPER AG – First in Compliance Solutions

Business Keeper AG is an IT company with a desire to make an impact on society. As a pioneer for the first whistleblowing system and the European market leader, we develop innovative solutions to fight white-collar crimes such as corruption, money laundering and other serious forms of wrongdoing that negatively impact our society. We promote and support whistleblowers and organisations who consider ethically responsible behaviour to be a foundation of daily conduct that cannot be compromised.

In this way, we have contributed for 20 years to the development of a business culture based on integrity and values. Our customers include international corporations as well as medium-sized companies, government agencies, healthcare institutions and NGOs.

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10 good reasons for our Compliance Software

With BKMS® Incident Reporting, the first whistleblower system ever certified by a data protection supervisory authority, we focused on the topic of compliance from the very start. Over the years, we have developed the BKMS® Compliance System – the most secure and globally unique compliance software certified according to data protection law that serves a platform for a needs-based compliance structure.


    We meet the highest requirements in data protection, as verified by independent, official certifications at the European levels.


    As a modular platform, the BKMS® Compliance System offers compliance solutions that can be assembled according to the specific customer needs and adapted to any organisational structure.


    We satisfy the highest security standards with state-of-the-art, unique encryption algorithms, high-security data centres and manual penetration analyses by independent experts.


    Our company, the management system and the development work are certified according to ISO 27001.


    We value the continuous exchange of ideas with our customers and view their experiences as valuable contributions to trust-based collaboration.


    We serve our customers well far beyond implementation, and our team of experts is always ready to provide assistance.


    We work with our continuously growing team of creative specialists to develop new ideas and solutions for the compliance processes of tomorrow.


    Our products serve for the prevention and discovery of unacceptable activity in all sectors of society.


    As a pioneer and European market leader, we have implemented innovative compliance solutions for over 20 years for an ever-growing customer base.


    We offer access to the BKMS® community of experts for the exchange of ideas with other compliance experts, such as at the annual conference “BKMS® Experience Day”.

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In less than two minutes, you can discover the functions and value of the BKMS® Incident Reporting.


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