About us

Pioneers and experts

As the first provider of electronic whistleblowing systems and the European market leader in compliance software, we have developed integrity and compliance applications to fight white-collar crime such as corruption, money laundering and other crimes against society for 20 years.

The company

Kenan Tur founded Business Keeper AG in the year 2001 with the goal of promoting a business culture based on values and fostering good company management. Based on his experiences as a manager in an international corporation, his early involvement in business ethics and the conviction that long-term economic success is only possible through value-oriented business practices, he developed the concept of a low-threshold communication channel – the Business Keeper Monitoring System (BKMS® System).

Our network

We collaborate with experts and participate in numerous networks to help our customers integrate various aspects of whistleblower protection in an optimal manner and to support them in matters of compliance and value management on both a theoretical and a practical level.

With us, your data is safe

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BKMS® Compliance System
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