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BKMS® Compliance System

2 x 4 good reasons


... for choosing the most experienced provider




      1. Over 15 years of experience with the development and implementation of whistleblowing systems

      2. First provider of whistleblowing systems in Europe

      3. The founder of the company is an active member of the management board

      4. Long-standing experience in the international roll-out of companies and organisations from various sectors, with currently 185 million potential users in 197 countries and more than 50 languages



      1. Provider of the only certified whistleblowing system in the world

      2. Long-standing cooperation with specialists from both theory and practice

      3. Interconnection of our customers with each other (Best Practice) and with experts, e.g. at the annual BKMS® Experience Day

      4. Extensive, professional and individualised customer support



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