Vocational training at Business Keeper

Business Keeper is proud of its excellent vocational training programme, which teaches relevant expertise and practical skills to school graduates in the professions of “Office Administrator”, “System Integration IT Specialist” and “Application Development IT Specialist” while also offering an exciting workplace with an international team.


Certified vocational training programme

Six reasons for vocational training at Business Keeper

Here we explain briefly why it pays to receive vocational training from us.

  • Good chances of being hired after the training

    Not only do we offer a challenging training programme, we also take on our trainees as employees upon successful completion of the programme.

  • Enjoy independent responsibility

    Thanks to our flat company hierarchies, our trainees have the opportunity to take on responsible and exciting tasks.

  • Working atmosphere based on trust and respect

    We our proud of our company culture, in which all employees act respectfully toward one another and new colleagues are integrated as full team members from day one.

  • Discover personal strengths

    You will gain insight into a number of different areas of the company, allowing you to discover your strengths and decide for yourself which direction you would like to take after your training.

  • Preparation for your career

    Our training programmes are aimed at practical skills and allow you to take on responsibility for your own tasks and projects to optimally prepare you for everyday working life.

  • Optimal supervision

    Your supervisors and colleagues are always willing to listen to you and will happily take questions – you're not going to be left on your own.

Previous experiences

The well-being of our trainees is important to us, and we value their feedback. A number of former trainees have taken the time to write about their experiences and describe what it is like to work and learn at Business Keeper.

Elina Anselm, Office Administrator Trainee (employed in office management at Business Keeper since 2017)
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Chi Thanh Luu, System Integration IT Specialist Trainee (employed in IT administration at Business Keeper since 2019)
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Mario Giugno, Application Development IT Specialist Trainee (employed in IT development at Business Keeper since 2017)
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Davide Balistreri, Office Communication Specialist Trainee
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