Business Keeper was founded by Kenan Tur in the year 2000. He was driven by the desire to contribute to a value-based business culture and promote good corporate management. We were the first provider of electronic incident reporting systems, and our applications are now used all around the world in different sectors by organisations of various sizes as an important tool in the prevention and disclosure of compliance violations. In our role of system provider, protecting whistleblowers has always been our top priority.

Today our team consists of more than 100 employees from over 17 nations spread across our European locations. We all share the same values, namely integrity, professionalism, discretion and security. These are the key pillars of our code of values and characterise the actions of our company and our team, both internally as well as externally.

As our company grows, so does our responsibility towards employees, customers, business partners and society. Maintaining and strengthening our ethical values are therefore of great importance to us. We do so with the aid of a robust compliance management system.


Our Code of Conduct is built on our compliance management system. Back in the early days of the company, when Business Keeper consisted of a mere handful of employees, Kenan Tur and his team established principles of conduct that are still reflected today in the manner we engage with one another.

Every member of the Business Keeper team makes a commitment to observe these rules of conduct. Being an integral part of our company policy, the Code of Conduct is essential to our company's mission.



The prevention of abuse and a prompt response to malpractice are just as essential to our compliance management system as a proactive culture of speak-up and listen-up. Business Keeper's incident reporting system is part of that culture. It gives you a confidential – and, if you wish, anonymous – channel for reporting abuse and coming together to clarify a situation.

Reports that you submit through the incident reporting system are initially received by Uwe Hellmann, our independent trust counsel. He has a specific duty of professional confidentiality and will handle your report impartially. Transparency towards whistleblowers is particularly important to us as a basis for mutual trust. In a protected dialog, the trust counsel will explain to the reporter how he will take the report procedure forward. He will only pass on information entrusted to him to our Compliance & Data Protection Officer, Lennart Hock, or to the executive management following prior consultation with the whistleblower.

Uwe Hellmann

Uwe Hellmann studied law at the University of Bielefeld in the "single-phase" program and passed the final examination before the Judicial Examination Office in Düsseldorf in 1981. Until 1986 he worked as a research assistant at the chair of Prof. Dr. Hans Achenbach at the University of Osnabrück. There he received his doctorate (Dr. iur.) in 1986. He then worked as a university assistant at the University of Osnabrück. In 1992 he received his habilitation. He was awarded the authorization to teach "Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law and Criminal Tax Law". After holding professorships in Heidelberg, Trier and Bochum, he was offered a C 3 professorship at the University of Heidelberg and a C 4 professorship at the University of Potsdam in 1994. He accepted the call to the University of Potsdam and was appointed to the chair of "Criminal Law, in particular Economic Criminal Law" in August 1994. Uwe Hellmann was a member of the supervisory board of the former Business Keeper AG until the foundation of Business Keeper GmbH and knows our company very well. Like everyone at Business Keeper, he is committed to the full protection of whistleblowers.

Incident reporting system

You can access our incident reporting system by copying the following URL into your browser.

Please use the incident reporting system responsibly. Only submit information you believe to be correct to the best of your knowledge. 

Questions to the Compliance Officer

Do you have any questions on the issue of compliance at Business Keeper? You can reach our Compliance & Data Protection Officer at

Uwe Hellmann, Trust Counsel - Business Keeper GmbH