Social commitment

Business Keeper was founded in 2001 with the goal of promoting a business culture based on values. Our software is designed to help companies and organisations comply with ethical standards and regulations. . 

However, our work here is not yet complete. We believe that positively and sustainably influencing society through our broad range of activities is an essential part of our corporate culture. 

  • We support NGOs through selected memberships, sponsoring and long-standing voluntary work.

  • We impart knowledge and assist qualified junior recruits with our grants.

  • Our free whistleblowing system supports companies during difficult times such as the coronavirus pandemic, ensuring that fighting misconduct does not affect their budget.

  • We create awareness and cover topics such as business ethics, compliance, whistleblowing and confidentiality in order to actively shape and keep social debate alive thanks to a value-based business culture. This includes presentations and discussions at events or guest articles in specialist and consumer media publications.

Supporting NGOs through memberships and volunteering

Business Keeper has been a corporate member of Transparency International Deutschland since 2002. Our founder, Kenan Tur, has undertaken many years of voluntary work as manager of the “Whistleblower” working group. This allows us to actively play a role in shaping political demands when it comes to whistleblower protection and anti-corruption. 

In 2002, we were one of the few German companies to join the UN Global Compact: many others have since signed up. We support the initiative founded by Kofi Annan in 1999 and its 10 principles, not only through our membership but also by regularly participating in and sponsoring Global Compact events and publications. 

Business Keeper is now a founding member of business ethics associations such as thednwe Forum Berlin where Kenan Tur has been acting as voluntary treasurer for many years. We have also supported the Foundation of German Business (sdw) for a number of years now. Kenan Tur has also overseen the sdw grants for many years. 

Find out more about the associations and institutes that we have been supporting for many years here

Free access to our whistleblowing system for development banks and social institutions

The increase in domestic violence is a social issue which has unfortunately deteriorated due to the coronavirus pandemic and associated restrictions. We have given social institutions free access to our whistleblowing system in order to help those affected obtain additional support. 

Another long-standing problem during the coronavirus pandemic: following the provision of government “corona subsidies”, the system of reporting subsidy fraud by criminals has broken down. To combat this, we have provided free access to the BKMS® whistleblowing system for German development banks

The Business Keeper grant

With our Business Keeper grant for Certified Compliance Experts (CCE) or Certified Investigation Experts, we regularly support qualified new recruits in the area of compliance and white-collar crime.  The study course is held at the Berlin School of Governance, Risk & Compliance as part of further training. Anyone who meets the requirements of a CCE can apply, whose course fees must be afforded by their employer without financial support and who are able to start at the specified time.  An independent jury determines which applicant will receive the grant. 

Further information about this grant can be found here.

“Thanks to this study course, I've been able to combine theory and practical experience through independent experts and direct exchange within heterogeneous groups, expand my knowledge through flexible seminars on current topics and identify sound, practical solutions for future challenges with the help of case studies and discussions with alumni and my supporter, Business Keeper GmbH.”


Additional training offers

We also regularly support graduates in their research and established the popular “Communicating with whistleblowers” seminar several years ago to help compliance officers understand how to deal with whistleblowers. The seminar is held several times a year in collaboration with the renowned School of Governance, Risk & Compliance (School GRC)  in Berlin and online. 

Environment and sustainability

Environmental protection and sustainable working methods and business practices are extremely important to us. We are therefore continuously introducing environmentally friendly, sustainable processes into our company.  

  • For several years, we’ve promoted “Job Rad” to give employees an incentive to travel to work by bike
  • We now send greeting cards to customers and partners digitally, rather than on paper, and donate the money saved to the NGO "Plant for the planet"

  • We aim to reduce paper waste and only use recycled paper where possible

  • The entire company focuses on separating recyclable and non-recyclable waste, providing corresponding containers for this 

  • In recent years, we have invested heavily in expanding our in-house conferencing technology so that we can continue to significantly reduce the amount of business travel after Covid

  • In April 2020, we also made major investments in order to quickly adapt to remote working. This was primarily intended to protect employee health and reduce the spread of the virus. Through reduced business travel, we've been able to make a small contribution towards protecting the environment
  • Our website is hosted with the help of a company that is a pioneer in the area of green IT and runs its customers’ websites using 100% carbon-neutral natural energy

  • For birthdays or special occasions, all employees receive sustainable potted plants instead of cut flowers 

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