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Business Keeper AG – First in Compliance Solutions

Business Keeper AG is an IT company with a desire to make an impact on society. As the first provider of electronic whistleblowing systems and the European market leader in compliance software, we develop applications to fight white-collar crime such as corruption, money laundering and other serious crimes against society.

We promote and support whistleblowers and organisations who consider ethically responsible behaviour to be a foundation of daily conduct that cannot be compromised. In this way, we have contributed for 20 years to the development of a business culture based on integrity and values. Our customers include international corporations as well as medium-sized companies, government agencies, healthcare institutions and NGOs.

"Our logo symbolises support for the economy and society in upholding ethical norms without altering their structures or processes."

– Kenan Tur

From the first provider of whistleblowing system to the market leader

Kenan Tur founded Business Keeper AG in the year 2001 with the goal of promoting a business culture based on values and fostering good company management. Based on his experiences as a manager in an international corporation, his early involvement in business ethics and the conviction that long-term economic success is only possible through value-oriented business practices, he developed the concept of a low-threshold communication channel – the Business Keeper Monitoring System (BKMS® System). This enables the internal discovery of wrongdoing at an early stage, thereby protecting organisations against reputation damage and financial harm.

In this way, Business Keeper AG grew to become Europe’s first provider of an electronic whistleblowing system, making the brand name synonymous with electronic whistleblowing systems in general. The pioneer developed into the internationally acknowledged technology and market leader, and now Business Keeper AG can look back on 20 years of developing innovative compliance solutions for an ever-growing customer base.

The team of Business Keeper AG now consists of around 80 full employees, including specialists of diverse fields and nationalities.

Self-imposed obligation of Business Keeper AG

Business Keeper AG is an IT company with a desire to make an impact on society. We therefore want to work with business partners who consider integrity and trustworthiness an absolute must in their business. We wish to protect the integrity of organisations using only legal means. If there is any doubt regarding the legality of an operation, then Business Keeper AG will refuse to co-operate with the business in question or will terminate pre-existing contracts. We see this declaration as a voluntary, self-imposed obligation of responsibility to our employees, our clients, and in particular the whistleblowers who rely in good faith on the fact that their report will be handled in a conscientious manner.

Our mission

We offer security

We protect the organisation of our customers by enabling confidential and anonymous communication with their internal and external whistleblowers. For this purpose, we create the necessary know-how by means of technologies, process designs and management tools.

We offer help

We offer people who have information on or indications regarding legal and moral questionable conduct in business, government and society the opportunity of communicating this without any fear of reprisal. By means of this, we contribute toward enabling and promoting a culture in which people can act with integrity.

We assume corporate social responsibility

Thus our compliance software products primarily serve the prevention and disclosure of non-acceptable actions in all sectors of society. This creates benefits for our customers and, at the same time, for the entire society.

Our values

Integrity, professionalism, discretion and security are the key pillars of our code of values and characterise the actions of our company and our employees, both internally as well as externally.




Every member of Business Keeper AG (BKAG) agrees to comply with the existing laws. This applies to business and private life. Every member of BKAG will turn down attempts to illegal and non-legitimate exertion of influence on his/her actions within the company. Together with our orientation toward ethical fundamental principles, this forms the foundation for our independence and incorruptibility. For us, integrity means: lawfulness, honesty and fairness.



We aspire to achieve effectiveness and efficiency with the development and implementation of our products and services and align ourselves to comply with the highest standards. This applies with regard to our actions and dealings toward our customers and among one another. For us, professionalism means: competence, efficiency and reliability.



Strict confidentiality in dealing with the data of our customers is normal for us and a non-negotiable matter of course in everyday business life. We provide our services professionally and discretely. For us, discretion means: trust, professionalism and empathy.


We protect the data of our customers against every unauthorised access. We continually review our conduct and improve our security systems and working processes. We apply the best available technologies to ensure data security. For us, security means: technical excellence, continuous improvement, customer-specific solutions.

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Our Directors

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Kenan Tur

Founder and Director

Kenan Tur, born 1964, received his training at Adam Opel AG and received his diploma in Business Informatics as a student trainee.

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Kai Leisering


Kai Leisering, born 1966, was awarded his business administration diploma in 1995.

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Supervisory Board

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Dr. Arno Morenz

Supervisory Board Chairman

Dr Arno Morenz, born 1939, is an economist who received his doctoral degree in Cologne, Germany. He began his career as a correspondent for the Handelsblatt magazine in New York, USA.

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Erik Masing

Deputy Supervisory Board Chairman

Erik Masing, born 1965, received his Business Management diploma from the European Business School in 1991.

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Prof. Dr. Uwe Hellmann

Member of the Supervisory Board

Prof Dr Uwe Hellmann, born 1955, studied Law at the University of Bielefeld. After his state examination in 1981 he began studying at the University of Osnabrück where he received his doctoral degree in 1986 before being promoted to a professorship in 1992.

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