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BKMS® Compliance System

The highly secure and certified platform for compliance applications

The BKMS® Compliance System is a modular platform that supports and simplifies the work of compliance officers, legal experts and auditors as well as employees in similar functions. The compliance solutions help – both individually and in combination – with preventing and combatting risks, malpractice and white-collar crime as well as evaluating business partners and approving benefits.

The web-based ASP applications are operated and provided within a closed system (not a cloud solution) inside a high-security infrastructure. They form the “cockpit” for an individual and needs-based compliance structure. 

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  • Data Protection

    The first compliance platform certified according to data protection law with independent, official data protection certification at the European level in accordance with GDPR.

  • Data security

    The BKMS® Compliance System satisfies the highest data security standards: two security certifications according to ISO 27001, state-of-the-art, unique encryption algorithms, high-security data centres and manual penetration analyses.

  • Individuality

    The modular platform enables the applications to be assembled together according to the customer’s specific needs: one – multiple – all.

  • Flexible Integration

    The BKMS® Compliance System offers flexible integration of features such as single sign-on (SSO), a flexible roles & rights model and many more.

  • Starkes Management Reporting

    The workflow-based application with configurable dashboard allows quick and easy monitoring and management reporting at the press of a button.

  • Independence

    Our highly secure compliance platform is accessible 365/7/24 from any location and in over 70 languages.

  • Customer Support

    We offer individual customer support, and our team of experts is available to assist you at any time with implementation or any other questions concerning the BKMS® Compliance System.

  • Complete Protection

    The BKMS® Compliance System tamper-proof and secure against unauthorised access so that your sensitive data is completely protected.

  • Social Responsibility

    Our value-based company culture based on principles of sustainable good governance will improve your image among employees, customers and partners.

  • License model

    Thanks to the transparent and needs-based license model, you receive a system with costs optimised for your needs for absolutely reliable planning.


The BKMS® Compliance System encompasses the customer-specific selection of BKMS® compliance solutions, which can be individually assembled. A configurable dashboard displays real-time information from the individual applications, such as new reports from the whistleblowing system, approval requests for business partners and open benefits or open tasks from the case management system. The cross-application BKMS® Compliance Reporting system also stands ready to provide detailed statistics at the push of a button.

The BKMS® Compliance System can be flexibly adapted to any organisational structure: from very small to medium-sized companies all the way to large, globally acting groups and public sector institutions, authorities or other organisations of varying structures and sizes. This provides customers with precisely the scope of functionality that they need.

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BKMS Compliance System