BKMS Approvals

The application for all compliance approval processes

BKMS® Business Approvals

Numerous processes and guidelines within the company require employees to obtain compliance approval or to verifiably document facts. BKMS® Business Approvals is the solution for approval processes as well as the mandatory submission of information by employees and its documentation. This application for compliance approval enables the depiction of the entire workflow up to granting of the approval, including documentation and re-evaluation.

The potential topics here range from the receiving and granting of benefits to sponsoring and events or anti-trust-related aspects such as membership in associations and organisations or collaboration with competitors. If these are not systematically evaluated and documented and compliance incidents do occur, this has a direct impact on the given organisation.

One special challenge is the structured and systematic processing of a large number of approval requests along with their tamper-proof documentation. It must also be possible for the request for compliance approval to be submitted in any language and by any employee from any location in the world.


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Compliance approval based on a customer-specific rules matrix

The design is based on a pre-configured base version of the application, which is individually adapted for the various customers based on a customer-specific risk matrix and specific processes. The implementation takes place based on established best practice processes.

BKMS® Business Approvals supports the implementation of both centralised and distributed processes. For example, operational units can be directly integrated, if necessary, since any employee can fundamentally initiate a process. The approval of requests can be structured with a single stage or multiple stages and can include competent persons in business units as well as subject matter experts, e.g. in Compliance. Automatic approvals, such as of low-value benefits are also possible in accordance with the customer-specific rules matrix.

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  • Tamper-proof documentation

    The application BKMS® Business Approvals enables tamper-proof documentation and any number of topics.

  • All approval processes

    Access to all approval processes is available in a web-based application – systematic, structured, consistent.

  • Decentralised, global availability

    The decentralised, global availability and direct anchoring within the operational units fundamentally allow any employee to start an approval process.

  • 70 languages

    BKMS® Business Approvals is available 24/7 worldwide in over 70 languages.

  • Maximum flexibility

    BKMS® Business Approvals offers maximum flexibility for realisation of customer-specific workflows.

  • Proven functions

    The product BKMS® Business Approvals was developed on the basis of proven functions together with pilot customers and subject experts.