BKMS Case Management

Customised compliance case management

BKMS® Case Management allows you to manage and document compliance cases securely and efficiently in accordance with data protection laws.

BKMS® Case Management is a highly secure software tool for mapping the entire workflow for compliance case management and related documentation in a confidential and secure setting. Thanks to the application’s high degree of flexibility, it can be easily adapted in line with companies’ and organisations’ specific workflows.

Whilst BKMS® Incident Reporting includes basic report processing and case management, BKMS® Case Management offers advanced management and handling options which help to ensure that standards and regulatory requirements are met.

BKMS® Case Management enables you to achieve consistent, well-structured and audit-proof case management in a highly secure environment.


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BKMS® Case Management allows you to:


Assess compliance cases in real time and create impressive management reports, including meaningful statistics

Present processes in financial fraud management or the critical incident report system (CIRS) in healthcare

Enhance your existing whistleblowing software to meet standards and regulatory requirements

Deploy the best solution on the market to manage sensitive compliance cases

By opting for BKMS® Case Management you will benefit from software designed to meet the very highest standards. Find out why hundreds of companies have opted for Business Keeper’s products for guaranteeing the protection and earning the trust of their employees:

  • Exceptional data protection

    BKMS® Case Management is the first software of its kind certified in accordance with data protection law at European level (GDPR).

  • Maximum data security

    Your data are safe with us: thanks to double security certification in accordance with ISO 27001, unique encryption algorithms, high-security data centres and manual penetration testing.

  • Straightforward compatibility

    Record, manage and document cases from any source and other channels (letters, telephone calls etc.)

  • Extensive permissions concept

    Thanks to an extensive permissions concept, organisational processes and areas of responsibility can be presented intuitively.

  • Process consistency and audit-proof guarantee

    Cases can be documented consistently and in an audit-proof way.

  • Management reporting

    Benefit from impressive management reporting from receipt of the reported information to management of the case – as a standalone solution or integrated into BKMS® Incident Reporting.


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