BKMS Case Management

Individual compliance case management

BKMS® Case Management

BKMS® Case Management is the highly secure, extremely flexible workflow application for compliance case management and documentation. It is specially designed to depict the individual work processes of companies and organisations. While basic report processing and case management functionality is already integrated into the BKMS® System, BKMS® Case Management offers expanded management options that make it possible to satisfy specific standards and regulatory requirements.

BKMS® Case Management thereby enables consistent, structured and tamper-proof case management in a highly secure environment. A configurable role and rights concept simplifies collaboration between multiple examiners from various departments, regions or countries while also supporting compliance with country-specific statutory requirements.


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  • Compatibility

    The entry and processing of cases from any source and via other channels (letter, telephone, etc.) is possible.

  • Extensive rights concept

    An extensive rights concept is available to you for implementing the organisational processes and responsibilities.

  • Process consistency and protection against tampering

    The process consistency and protection against tampering with the case documentation are guaranteed.

  • Management Reporting

    Powerful management reporting from receipt of the report to processing of the case – as a standalone solution or integrated into the BKMS® System.