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The BKMS® System is a highly secure and web-based whistleblowing system and the first whistleblowing software of its kind on the market certified according to European data protection law. It enables the systematic and confidential submission of reports by employees and suppliers, secure dialogue with the anonymous whistleblower and processing and documentation of the reports.

By far the leading solution in the European electronic whistleblowing system market, the entirely tamper-proof BKMS® System is recommended by leading auditing and consulting companies. Companies and organisations as well as administrative agencies and authorities that employ the BKMS® System profit from over 18 years of development work, in-depth experience in the requirements of an electronic whistleblowing system in the area of compliance and a continuous transfer of knowledge in collaboration with our customers.

  • Data Protection

    The first whistleblowing system with data protection certification according to European law (GDPR) with the option of flexible adaptation to the specific conditions of the country of use.

  • Data Security

    The highest IT security is guaranteed by state-of-the-art, unique encryption algorithms, high-security data centres, manual penetration analyses, independent experts and ISO 27001 certification.

  • Process Safety

    In contrast to other systems, neither Business Keeper AG nor any third parties have the ability to access the report data.

  • Secured Postbox

    A highly secure and anonymous communication is possible between the whistleblower and the examiner by means of the secured postbox.

  • Flexibly adapted

    The BKMS® System can be flexibly adapted to the specific needs of the company and offers many features such as SSO integration, centralised or distributed processing, etc.

  • Tamperproof and secure against unauthorised access

    The BKMS® System is tamper-proof and secure against unauthorised access, ensuring full protection for sensitive report data.

  • Over 70 languages

    The BKMS® System enables web-based report submission at any place or time and in over 70 languages. Integrated translation functions support the efficient processing of reports in foreign languages.

  • Individual Customer Support

    We offer individual customer support, and our team of experts is available to assist you at any time even after implementation to answer any questions concerning the BKMS® System.

  • No island solution

    It is part of the BKMS® Compliance Systems to support a sustainable and value-based company culture.

  • Longterm planning reliability

    The transparent all-in-one cost model offers you guaranteed and longterm planning reliability.

Confidential dialogue possible in anonymous whistleblowing system

The BKMS® System consists of the modules BKMS® Incident Reporting for web-based submission of reports and BKMS® Incident Management for processing of the received reports. An extensive and versatile range of functions is therefore available to examiners within this whistleblowing software.

A secured postbox within BKMS® Incident Reporting that is only accessible to the whistleblower enables communication between the compliance officers and the (anonymous) whistleblower. Integrated translation tools permit efficient language-independent processing of incoming reports.

“More than half of all whistleblowers make use of internet-based reporting channels”

– ACFE: Report to the Nations, 2016

100% whistleblower protection promotes employee trust over the long-term

The protection of (anonymous) whistleblowers is of the utmost importance and is guaranteed in the BKMS® System by means of special encryption and security technology. In contrast to all other providers of whistleblowing systems on the market, neither Business Keeper AG nor any third parties can access the sensitive report data. This is important for maintaining a basis of trust with respect to the employees in order to establish a functioning and trustworthy compliance structure at the company. To ensure this, the compliance whistleblowing system is regularly inspected and certified by independent experts.

The BKMS® System is therefore unparalleled in matters of data security and data protection and can be flexibly adapted to all national legal requirements. It is operated as an ASP (Application Service Providing) solution in a high-security data processing centre of tier 3+ in Germany or tier 4 in Switzerland. The security level is continuously ensured by regular external penetration testing, amongst other measures. No cloud platform is ever used.

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