BKMS Third Party

Risk-oriented third party check

BKMS® Third Party

BKMS® Third Party is a risk-oriented, company-wide application for assessment and approval of business partners. It is the only third party check of its kind to support the entire process from the business partner evaluation to onboarding and regular follow-up evaluations.

The web-based application ensures systematic and structured procedures as well as tamper-proof documentation of the evaluation process. At the same time, BKMS® Third Party is so flexible that it can be customised for the individual processes of the company without sacrificing user friendliness. The structure of the application is also oriented around the risk matrix of the customer. Information from external tools such as research databases (e.g. Dow Jones Risk & Compliance, Lexis Diligence, etc.) can be seamlessly integrated into the application and taken into account in the results of an assessment.


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Workflow-based third party check – efficient, dependable and highly secure

By providing potential business partners with access to the application by means of a special portal, the required self-assessments can be easily integrated into the process. BKMS® Third Party is designed to situate the onboarding workflow within the operational units while also enabling rapid, efficient and, in particular, pragmatic and dependable business partner evaluation and approval.

In principle, every employee of the organisation can onboard potential business partners in the application and compile the information required for the decision on collaboration with the help of the application. Users with specific rights in a corresponding approval role then receive the information, evaluate it and make the decision on collaboration with the potential partner. The web-based ASP solution for the third party check is implemented on the highly secure BKMS® platform and is available worldwide 24/7.

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BKMS Third Party
  • Automation

    The automated implementation and integration of information sources and external tools, such as research databases, can be tailored to the customer’s needs.

  • Any number of employees and business partners

    Any number of employees and business partners can be integrated into the process.

  • Tamper-proof documentation

    The application guarantees tamper-proof documentation of the evaluation.

  • Management reporting and analyses

    The web-based ASP solution supports management reporting and analyses.