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Innovative, telephone report submission via the whistleblower hotline

BKMS® VoiceIntake

As a whistleblower hotline, BKMS® VoiceIntake expands the BKMS® System with telephone submission and offers the ability to receive reports, communicate with the whistleblower, process reports and document the processing. With its innovative technology, the whistleblower hotline guarantees automated and thereby resource-efficient dialogue with content features that correspond to the web-based submission process, making this solution far superior to a simple voice recording.

  • Telephone reporting channel

    The application enables a secure, efficient telephone reporting channel – 24/7, worldwide, in any languages.

  • Complete integration

    The complete integration into the BKMS® System enables the confidential or anonymous submission of reports as well as processing of the reports within the highly secure web application. However, it is also available as a standalone solution.

  • Highly secure and anonymous communication

    Highly secure and anonymous communication between the whistleblower and the examiner is guaranteed by the secured postbox.


  • Secured report data

    In contrast to other systems, only the examiner can view the report data – no access by third parties or by Business Keeper AG is possible.

  • Reliable geo numbers

    Reliable geo numbers are available for all countries of the world.

  • Assessment, Evaluation and Documentation

    The assessment, evaluation and documentation of the work steps take place in BKMS® Incident Management.

  • Reporting Process

    The reporting process mirrors that of the web-based solution BKMS® Incident Reporting.

  • Switch channels

    Whistleblowers have the ability to switch from the telephone to the internet channel.

Secure telephone report submission via whistleblower hotline – anytime, anywhere and in any desired language

BKMS® VoiceIntake allows whistleblowers to submit reports at any time, from any country and in any desired language. These appear automatically in the whistleblowing system and can be transcribed, if desired. These reports are securely consolidated in the BKMS® System for processing by the compliance organisation in accordance with data protection laws. The option of engaging in dialogue with the whistleblower is retained. The whistleblower also has the option at any time to switch between the web-based and telephone-based channels.

The addition of BKMS® VoiceIntake provides another quickly implementable reporting channel in order to also reach those employees or whistleblowers who for historical or cultural reasons would like to be offered the ability to submit reports via telephone.

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BKMS Voice Intake