Laws and compliance regulations

Breaches of laws and regulations cause incalculable material and immaterial damages: As well as legal consequences, it is particularly likely a company will suffer long-term damage to its image. Necessary internal processes for clearing up such matters and re-organisational measures not only take up considerable resources, they also have a negative effect on the company culture and the motivation of the employees.

By identifying risks early and clearing up grievances internally, senior staff members can be protected against liability risks and the organisation can be protected against image and financial damages.

Here you will find a selection of statutory regulations on whistleblower protection and the use of whistleblowing systems.

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Compliance laws and regulations in Germany

German legislation mandates an explicit legal requirement to set up a compliance system only for a few explicitly defined industries. To further expand the protection of whistleblowers, the new EU directive should be implemen-ted in national law by 2021. The Business Secrets Protection Act (GeschGehG) also entered into force in April 2019. 

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Compliance laws and regulations in Europe

The protection of whistleblowers is not uniformly regulated across the countries of Europe. In spring of 2019, the EU Parliament passed a new directive that should guarantee a high level of protection to potential whistleblowers in EU Member States in the future.

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Compliance laws and regulations around the world

Here you will find a selection of country-specific anti-corruption regulations from around the world, including the USA, Brazil and India.

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International compliance laws and regulations

Internationally, protecting whistleblowers and setting up a comprehensive whistleblowing system is deemed necessary by a variety of laws and regulations.