BKMS® Compliance System

2 x 4 good reasons


... for investing in risk and value management


With whistleblowing:


      1. Protection of the company from financial damage and loss of reputation by increasing the likelihood of risk detection

      2. Damage limitation by utilising internal knowledge as an early-warning system

      3. Reduction of the risks inherent to external whistleblowing by a low-threshold internal communication channel

      4. Support and protection of employees acting with integrity by offering a legally and technologically secure channel

With compliance:


      1. Limitation of liability for the management and the board by means of effective verification measures regarding the adherence to laws and regulations

      2. Good governance as a role model for employees and a positive signal for stakeholders

      3. Behaviour that goes beyond the mere observation of rules by establishing a value-based company culture

      4. Improved reputation with and trust from customers and partners by avoiding negative publicity



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