Tips for a successful application to Business Keeper

We would like to offer you a few tips on how to prepare your documents so that your application can be processed successfully and we can have the chance to meet you in person.


Checklist for preparing your application

So as to give us the best impression, your application documents should be filled out in full. If you are able to check off everything, then you've taken the first important step in submitting a successful application to us.


You will receive a confirmation of receipt from us within one week of sending us your application documents. We will inform you of the result of your application within four weeks at the latest. We wish you the best of luck!


Have you made your motivation for applying for the position clear in your application?


Have you included your qualifications in full? (School leaving certificate, training, degree, internships, employer references, certificates, references)

period of employment

Have you stated the department and desired period of employment?

salary expectations

Have you stated your salary expectations?

curriculum vitae

Is you CV structured, clearly laid out and complete? (Personal information, education, work experience, additional qualification, social engagement, hobbies)


Have you collected all documents in a single PDF document or ZIP file for emailing?

Next steps

Next steps

You have submitted an application to us and have been invited to a personal interview. We would like to offer you some information so that you can get through the next stages of the application process successfully.

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    Step 1: The interview

    Plan sufficient time for getting to our offices so that you are relaxed when you arrive. Be aware that we will ask you about basic details in your CV again. Here, you should be able to talk about all the qualifications and experience you have that are relevant for the position. Aside from all the formalities, however, we are much more interested in getting to know you as a person. You should therefore come across as authentically as possible. Just be yourself!

  • Step 2: Getting to know you better

    If the interview has gone well it’s very likely that we will invite you to our offices for a day to get to know you better. On this day, you will get to know the team and will be led through the relevant department. We have had good experiences with this “trial day” as not only can we gain a more detailed picture of you and your qualifications, you can also see if you feel comfortable working with us. Ultimately, you will be making an important decision which should make you happy in the coming years.

  • Steps 3: Welcome to the team!

    You've impressed us in the interview and signed a contract with us following your “trial day”. Now it’s time for the onboarding phase, during which we offer you sufficient time to orient yourself and learn about your new duties. It is important for us be at your side supporting you. Don't hesitate to ask colleagues if you have questions - our door is always open. In the first few months, our managers spend a lot of time with new employees and regularly carry out feedback discussions in order to ease the orientation process, define targets and listen to suggestions.


    We look forward to a successful collaboration with you!