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BKMS® Compliance System

2 x 4 good reasons


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About Business Keeper:


      1. Pioneers – the first provider of whistleblowing systems in Europe

      2. Experts – more than 15 years of experience in the development and implementation of compliance solutions

      3. European market leader – worldwide customers from companies and administrations from a wide variety of industries

      4. Future – owner-managed company with healthy growth rates and an international team of employees with different specialisations

 About the BKMS® Compliance System:


      1. Unique positioning – as the world's only whistleblowing system certified in accordance with both the German and European data protection law

      2. Whistleblowing – employees and citizen acting with integrity must be able to point out risks without fearing personal repercussions

      3. Safety – development and data retention take place exclusively in Germany

      4. Business ethics – the foundation of the company and development of the BKMS® System are rooted in the goal of supporting a value-based economic culture



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