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11th BKMS® Experience Day: "Compliance digital - do we still need the human behind the computer?"

Digitalization is more and more permeating all areas of society and is playing an increasingly important role for compliance officers in their daily work. Under the tagline "Compliance digital - do we still need the person behind the computer?", more than 150 compliance experts met at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG in Ingelheim am Rhein to discuss the latest developments and digital trends in compliance.

In the focus of the lectures and discussions were the possibilities and challenges, but also the limits of digitalization, big data and artificial intelligence. Speakers and proven experts approached the topic from various perspectives: What does the tension between digitalization, data and algorithms mean for the compliance branche? What are the challenges to compliance managers in the digital world? Which role does the human play and which risks does he bear from a psychological and technical point of view?

The keynote was held by Prof. Dr. Priddat, Senior Professor of Economics and Philosophy at the University of Witten/Herdecke, who dealt with the tension between legitimacy and legality and the significance of values nowadays. Christin Schäfer, graduate statistician and member of the Federal Government's Data Ethics Commission, gave the participants an exciting insight into the diversity of machine learning and cleared up some misunderstandings regarding the feared gradual replacement of humans by artificial intelligence. In his lecture on the human error factor, flight captain Robert Schröder presented the participants with insights and empirical values from the safety culture of aviation, which in many respects can also be applied to the world of compliance.

Another focus was the EU data protection basic regulation. Prof. Dr. Dieter Kugelmann, State Commissioner for Data Protection and freedom of information in Rhineland-Palatinate and Chairman of the German Data Protection Conference 2019, subjected the EU Basic Data Protection Regulation to a practical test. Another highlight of the second day of the conference was the moderated panel discussion and and two practical breakout sessions.

Kenan Tur and Kai Leisering, board members of Business Keeper AG: "The great interest in the topic ofdigitalization illustrates the growing importance for the compliance area. As the leading provider of digital compliance applications, we would like to support our customers in exploiting the possibilities of digital solutions while at the same time eliminating the associated risks in the best possible way. With relevant topics on data and whistleblower protection and the presence of renowned data protection experts at our specialist conference, we underscore our own claim as European market leader to guarantee our customers the highest level of data protection and data security".

Prof. Dr. Dieter Kugelmann, State Commissioner for Data Protection and freedom of information Rhineland-Palatinate and Chairman of the German Data Protection Conference 2019

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