9th BKMS® Experience Day in Zurich: Cultural Diversity as a Compliance Challenge

Approximately 130 compliance experts met at the 9th BKMS® Experience Day in Zurich to discuss current and central issues of international, daily compliance work. After last year’s event focused on the comparability of a competitive compliance organisation, this year’s motto was: “Compliance International – Cultural Diversity as a Compliance Challenge”.

In their lectures, the speakers explored the cross-border requirements of compliance management systems: how can an internationally active company ensure that all employees uphold the law? What are the difficulties for the operative level? How do businesses promote acceptance of a compliance management system despite cultural differences? Another focal point was the vetting of business partners, suppliers and service providers (third-party compliance), a topic that is becoming increasingly important.

Despite the importance of a culture-specific value management, the keynote speaker, Prof. Dr. Dr. Klaus M. Leisinger, founder and Charman of the Global Values Alliance, stresses: “All countries have the equal right to respect of their culture. There is, however, no ‘cultural apology’ for violations of human rights and human dignity.”

Kenan Tur, founder and director, and Kai Leisering, director of Business Keeper AG, are pleased with a successful BMKS® Experience Day at FIFA: "Compliance systems are nowadays indispensable for international corporations. However, these should be adapted appropriately to the respective culture in which they are used. With the flexible BKMS® compliance solutions, we support the compliance departments in the successful implementation of this approach."