BKMS® Compliance System is ISO 27001 certified

The protection of sensitive information in the BKMS® Compliance System has always been of the highest priority for Business Keeper AG. Now, independent experts have audited the system and subsequently certified, that its Information Security Management System (ISMS) complies with the standard ISO 27001. The scope of the certification is the secure operation of the BKMS® Compliance System in order to ensure the objectives confidentiality, availability and integrity of the information that customers and whistleblower enter into the system.

Business Keeper is thus the first and only provider of compliance solutions with a certified ISMS that meets the very high international standard of the ISO norm.

ISO 27001 defines necessary technical and organisational measures based on an assessment of potential threats to the organisation’s information security. The implemented security mechanisms for the maintenance and the continuous improvement of the organisation’s information security are established, executed and regularly monitored.

A team of independent experts audited Business Keeper AG for several days according to a predefined audit catalog. After fully examining all the relevant requirements, they came to the following conclusion:

"The measures taken by Business Keeper AG regarding its information security are exemplary. Our analyses showed that the company operates an excellent Information Security Management System (ISMS) and is very well established in this field", says Kai Osterhage, licensed auditor of datenschutz cert GmbH. Datenschutz cert GmbH is part of the datenschutz nord group, one of the leading providers for services in the area of data protection and IT-security, which consists of 40 fully qualified lawyers, 20 computer scientists and has offices in four locations in Germany, serving more than 450 customers including about 50 major corporations.

Kenan Tur, founder and director of Business Keeper AG, says regarding to the successful certification: "IT security has always been a high priority at Business Keeper. As the only provider we always have our systems audited by customer-appointed specialists. Now, we also wanted to have our ISMS tested and certified for the secure operation of the BKMS® Compliance System based on the current international security standard ISO / IEC 27001. At the same time, we have subjected ourselves to the requirements that also apply in the context of certifications by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Furthermore, the certification serves us within the company for the internal documentation and verifiability of our processes. We are pleased and proud that we have successfully completed this elaborate process after nearly two years of intensive work and severe manpower resources."