BKMS® System supports victims of domestic violence as a confidential reporting channel

The corona crisis is a special situation for all of us, which turns the familiar world upside down. Children and young people in particular are affected by these restrictions. Due to the increasing pressure on families and, at the same time, a lack of social balance and “control”, experts expect a strong increase in domestic violence and child abuse.

To make matters worse, children affected by violence and abuse do not currently have the option of visiting counseling centers or using undisturbed help phones because the perpetrator is always present. This means that youth welfare offices and social institutions have a much harder time working because they can only take action once they know about it. Unfortunately, most of the early warning systems are currently no longer available. In order to offer children and adolescents a safe and simple reporting channel in this situation, Business Keeper AG provides the data protection-certified whistleblower system BKMS® System for providers of social institutions.

Thanks to the stringent implementation of the highest security and data protection requirements, numerous social and government organizations and organizations Authorities such as state criminal offices, old people's and nursing homes, hospitals and NGOs have already successfully used the BKMS® system to prevent and combat abuses.

"If we only help one child with it, it will be a success," says Kenan Tur, founder and executive director

Straight now at a time that requires cohesion, solidarity and social responsibility more than ever, Business Keeper AG would like to offer its support for providers of social facilities and make its IT system available for 2020 free of charge.
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