Digital Change and Compliance: Business Keeper and NORDAKADEMIE present the results of the 2019 Occupational Field Study 2019

Profession of Compliance Officer is constantly changing, not least due to increasing requirements and worldwide legal restrictions, such as the new EU directive. In almost all areas of our society, digitization will also significantly change the world of compliance. This is also reflected in the 2019 Occupational Field Study conducted by the Professional Association of Compliance Managers (BCM) together with NORDAKADEMIE. Kai Leisering, CEO of Business Keeper AG, together with Prof. Dr. Behringer, President of NORDAKADEMIE, and Jenny Schmigale, Chief Compliance Officer of Scandlines Germany, presented the results at this year's Federal Congress of Compliance Managers on November 19 and 20 in Berlin.

In his presentation, Kai Leisering described the challenges and opportunities associated with digital change. Compliance officers are confronted with increasingly complex tasks. Digital tools can support this, which on the one hand take over repetitive tasks and on the other hand enable more effective work and information processes. Whistleblower systems, which are already in use at 49.4 percent of the companies surveyed, lead first place among digital compliance tools. Companies will also have to rely on digital tools in the area of third party compliance in the long term if they do not want to accept the loss of their own reputation in addition to massive financial losses. Here, however, still enormous backlog demand shows up, because the systematic business partner examination seems to represent as one of the most important topics in the Compliance Community at the same time also one of the biggest challenges for the future work of the Compliance Officer. Kai Leisering also drew attention to the high security requirements for compliance tools, which are now facing growing threats from hackers and malicious code.

Business Keeper CEO Kai Leisering during his presentation at the Federal Congress of Compliance Managers in Berlin on November 20th