DNWE Annual Conference 2019: "Rethinking Corporate Responsibility" – What really matters when it comes to Compliance and Sustainability"

Today more than ever, companies have the responsibility to deal with the growing demands of sustainable management. Topics range from climate protection to compliance with human and labour rights along complex supply chains and to the implementation of anti-corruption measures. At the same time, important questions of business ethics arise for companies: How can these numerous challenges be met? Which approaches make sense? How far does the new corporate responsibility reach?

On 27 September 2019, experts from science and industry met in Eschborn at the annual conference of the German Network for Business Ethics (DNWE) under the slogan "Rethinking Corporate Responsibility - What really matters when it comes to Compliance and Sustainability" to exchange views on the requirements of responsible corporate management in numerous lectures, panel discussions and workshops. The annual conference took place at the same time as the 4th Global Debate of ICC Germany e.V. and was conducted in cooperation with the "Alliance for lntegrity" of GIZ. As a long-standing DNWE member, Business Keeper AG also supported the conference as a sponsor.

During the numerous lectures and discussions, it was discussed, among other things, which expectations should be placed on companies at all and what approaches should be taken in the area of compliance and sustainability. A further focus was on the topic of "sustainable value chains". The participants were presented with new possibilities through digital innovations and best practice examples. In addition, Kenan Tur, founder and Managing Director of Business Keeper AG, held one of the two Closing Remarks alongside DNWE board member Bernhard Schwager and took a look at the development of values in times of today's social value pluralism. Finally, he emphasized the necessity of communicating values across cultures within the companies as well and ascribed a key role to compliance.

The lively and varied dialogue formats of the conference also impressively demonstrated how important the mutual exchange between science, business and society is for the development of sustainable corporate strategies.


Kenan Tur, founder and Managing Director of Business Keeper AG, gave a closing speech on the necessity of communicating values within companies. Photo credits: DNWE/ICC Germany, Photography: Martin Joppen