Recertification of the IHK seal for excellent training quality

Business Keeper AG got the recertification of the IHK seal for excellent training quality which is valid until 2020. By this the company underlines the importance of training junior staff. The training takes place in Management Assistant for Office Management and IT specialist for system integration. 7 trainees are currently employed.

The IHK (Industrie- und Handelskammer) honours companies that have been outstandingly involved in training of their trainees. In the application process, the companies are selected for the award on the basis of fixed criteria. There are "mandatory criteria" that all applicants must meet. In addition, there is a catalogue of "excellence criteria", of which a minimum number must be fulfilled. The excellence criteria are selected by the company itself within the framework of the specifications. As was the case two years ago, Business Keeper AG not only fulfilled the criteria in the "Compulsory" and "Excellence" categories, but also a large number of voluntary criteria.

In its function as a training company, Business Keeper AG itself places the highest demands on the quality of training. Thus the enterprise wants to ensure that the trainees learn relevant specialized knowledge and practical abilities, in order to start optimally prepared into the working life. "We take our responsibility as a training company very seriously and therefore we are very pleased about the renewed award of the IHK seal for excellent training quality. From the first day on, the trainees are fully integrated into the working day as valuable team members and take on tasks on their own responsibility", says Kenan Tur, founder and CEO of Business Keeper AG.

Kenan Tur, Board Member Business Keeper AG, Meike Al-Habash/IHK, trainers and trainees of Business Keeper AG