Corruption in Baden-Württemberg: Valuable information submitted via the BKMS® System

The State Office of Criminal Investigation of Baden-Württemberg has published its annual report on corruption for 2016. Last year, 224 anonymous reports were submitted via the whistleblowing system (BKMS® System) in the categories of corruption and white-collar crime. 208 of them were rated worthy of examination. This high number of usable reports is characteristic for the use of the BKMS® System by the State Office of Criminal Investigation of Baden-Württemberg: ever since the whistleblowing system was first used in 2012, the investigators received a total of 854 reports. Only three reports have been rated denunciatory.

The report states:

“In 115 cases, the whistleblower set up a postbox for communication with the State Office of Criminal Investigation. This corresponds to approximately 50 per cent of all reports. The resulting communication, which sometimes lasted several months, continuously improves the quality of the investigation in question. Insider reports, of which we received 24 just like in the previous year, are of a consistently high quality.” (p. 12)

Click here to access the annual report on corruption for 2016 (German)