Reflection on our BK live webinar “Data privacy 2020 & Schrems II"

The latest developments relating to the topic of data protection and storage, including the risks associated with this, are posing new challenges for lots of companies. For this reason, Tim Wybitul, partner at Latham & Watkins and a leading expert in the field of data protection, and Kai Leisering, Managing Director of Business Keeper AG, dedicated their time in the live webinar held in English to the topic of GDPR and the legal disputes relating to the protection of privacy and also highlighted some possible solution approaches for companies which now need to cover their backs to avoid significant fines with regard to their provider.

As such, the following important aspects for companies can be noted, among others:

  1. Genuine, qualitative and independent certification when it comes to data protection presents a clear advantage for the whistleblowing system being operated.
  2. If companies are considering retaining the current system which transfers data to the USA, they must carry out a serious risk assessment (including the costs associated with this) and document the decision about the system properly and in detail.
  3. Those who operate a whistleblowing system should expect the data protection authorities (DPAs) to be highly likely to subject systems which contain highly-sensitive data to a detailed review.


Did you miss our webinar on the topic of “Data privacy 2020 & Schrems II – A perfect storm for data protection fines and mass claims?” No problem, you can view the recording again whenever you wish here.

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