Strong increase in subsidy fraud in Corona times

With around 1173 billion euros, the German government has set up one of the world's largest rescue packages to deal with the effects of the corona crisis. Unfortunately, with such a high sum of money, fraud cases always go hand in hand. Subsidy fraud is a widespread crime from the country level to the EU and the damage to the overall economy is enormous.

An increase in the number of cases of subsidy fraud in the wake of the corona crisis can be expected, especially for banks. In order to be able to clear up these cases at all, whistleblowers must be adequately protected.

This is where whistleblower systems such as the BKMS® system come into play. Whistleblowers have the opportunity to report specifically on the subject of "subsidy fraud" and thus effectively contribute to investigating subsidy fraud cases and at the same time preventively prevent them. In addition, our application protects the whistleblower from reprisals. By early and effective clarification of existing grievances, companies and organizations are given the opportunity to prevent financial damage and image loss.

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