Whistleblower Reporting Office of the Swiss Federal Audit Office receives more reports every year

Since 2017, the BKMS® Incident Reporting (formerly known as BKMS® System) has been supporting the Swiss Federal Audit Office in the fight against corruption, embezzlement, abuse of power and tax fraud. And the federal corruption hunters have a lot to do: Last year, they received more leads than ever before. In 2019, the Financial Controllers were able to evaluate and process 187 cases. In comparison: in 2018 there were still around 164 reports.[1] 82 reports were submitted by federal employees, 105 reports were received from external parties such as suppliers, contractors or those entitled to subsidies. However, the annual increase was not due to more maladministration within the authority, but rather to the increased use of the whistleblower system by employees and external parties.

Since whistleblowers can report via the electronic reporting system anonymously, they do not have to fear any reprisals. The incoming reports are encrypted on the platform by an algorithm and stored in a high security data center in Switzerland. This guarantees 100% anonymity of the person reporting.

Source: [1] (last opened on 2020-07-03)