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On-Demand Webinar: "Data privacy 2020 & Schrems II – A perfect storm for data protection fines and mass claims?"

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in effect since May 2018. Since then we have seen some challenging developments, e.g. consumer protection lawyers have started using claims for GDPR damages as a business model and high GDPR fines have been imposed.
To add another layer of complexity, the European Court of Justice has invalidated the EU-US Privacy Shield data transfer mechanism. It was struck down because the level of data protection in the USA was insufficient owing to the fact that public authorities have a variety of legal mechanisms for accessing the data under specific US national security laws that the ECJ considers excessive, and EU citizens did not enjoy sufficient legal protection options in the US.

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In our new webinar Tim Wybitul, a leading expert in the field of data protection, and Kai Leisering, General Manager of Business Keeper GmbH, outline challenges around GDPR, data protection and privacy litigation. They also present possible solution approaches and explain in detail what actions companies now have to consider.

Key Learnings:

  • Facts & Figures: Discover challenging developments under the GDPR and how those may impact EU and global businesses
  • GDPR fines and claims for damages: Learn how to avoid fines and civil claims for data breaches and other alleged or actual GDPR violations
  • Access rights: What if employees and customers demand access to personal data stored or otherwise processed by a company data under the GDPR?
  • Data transfers: Find out how the so-called Schrems II judgment impacts your existing contracts with US companies and how to still transfer personal data lawfully

Our speakers

Tim Wybitul, partner at Latham & Watkins

Tim Wybitul is a partner at Latham & Watkins, where he heads the German data protection law team. Mr. Wybitul is counted among the leading data protection lawyers in Germany, among others by Wirtschaftswoche and JUVE. In addition to providing strategic advice on data protection, he defends German and international companies in court and in proceedings before public authorities. For example, his team advises a large financial services provider in mass proceedings for DSGVO damages. His team defends a German company against a fine of more than 14 million euros imposed by the Berlin Data Protection Commissioner. Mr. Wybitul is also familiar with internal investigations. From 2008 to 2010 he led the investigation team of a major Swiss bank in Zurich in a DoJ and IRS investigation. Mr. Wybitul has been appointed as an expert witness in hearings of the German Bundestag several times. Most recently, the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs appointed him to the Advisory Board for Employee Data Protection, which is currently discussing the introduction of a new German Employee Data Protection Act.

Kai Leisering, General Manager of Business Keeper GmbH

Kai Leisering, born 1966, was awarded his business administration diploma in 1995. In his capacity as Managing Partner of a medium-sized business consultancy and subsequently as a Co-partner at a leading Berlin IT systems company concerned with corporate software, Kai Leisering has always been concerned primarily with analysing existing processes and developing new strategies. Internationally, Kai Leisering successfully helped to set up a worldwide network of company advisors, tax advisors, and auditors during this time and acted as Head of ICT for the network. A consistent sales-based approach aimed at developing long-lasting partnerships is what shapes his business activities and as a result he now has a large network of contacts at his disposal. Kai Leisering is supporting Business Keeper in becoming the global leader in compliance solutions. He helps companies to establish highly effective mechanisms that help to prevent and fight white-collar crime such as corruption, money laundering and other serious crimes against society. He appears as a speaker and panelist at trade fairs and presentations in Germany and Europe.