BKMS® Compliance System

The BKMS® Compliance System is a platform where you can conveniently manage all of your compliance activities. From the whistleblower system and business partner due diligence to gift approvals. The one-stop shop for compliance.

BKMS® Incident Reporting

Choose the whistleblowing system from the European market leader with multiple certifications to protect your company and your employees from future risks – simple, fast and secure. Meet all requirements and obligations of the EU Whistleblowing Directive for your organisation already.

BKMS® Incident Reporting Essentials

The best solution for companies and organisations with up to 750 employees: BKMS® Incident Reporting Essentials is the first user-configurable whistleblowing software and contains everything you need to comply with the Whistleblower Directive – your own incident reporting system will be ready in just 20 minutes!

BKMS® VoiceIntake

The innovative whistleblower hotline is the ideal addition to BKMS® Incident Reporting. Allow your employees to securely submit reports by telephone – 24/7, worldwide and in any languages.

BKMS® Case Management

With BKMS® Case Management, you can implement your entire workflow for compliance case management and documentation. This flexible application adapts to your companies individual workflows and requirements – not the other way around.

BKMS® Third Party

Quickly evaluate, approve and document your companies business partners and suppliers together with the associated risks. Our tool BKMS® Third Party assists you with the systematic and structured implementation and tamper-proof documentation of your business partner due diligence.

BKMS® Business Approvals

Digitise, manage and document all approval processes quickly and easily. With the help of our tool BKMS® Business Approvals, you can intuitively depict the entire workflow – from application to approval to re-evaluation. 

What our customers say

"The BKMS® Compliance System is an essential part of our companies Compliance Management System. It increases the number of reporting channels and offers especially those people an anonymous and safe possibility to report possible compliance violations who otherwise would not want to contact the other reporting offices."

– Simone Zimmermann, Compliance Governance, Siemens Healthcare GmbH

Over half of DAX companies trust Business Keeper to protect them from damage to their reputation and liability risks.

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