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In implementing our products, we combine high technical performance with flexibility and security with the goal of providing you with comprehensive, systematic and continuous service. In this spirit, we have developed our approach to long-term customer support.

We continue to support you even after implementation of the BKMS® Compliance System, and our team of experts is always ready to provide competent assistance. Furthermore, we work closely with customers to ensure a regular exchange of ideas and experiences. We connect our customers with each other so they can profit from an extensive and ever-growing network.


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An overview of our service

  • Fulfilment of the highest data protection standards

    With the BKMS® Compliance System, we not only offer the world’s first compliance platform certified according to data protection law in compliance with the EU’s GDPR, we also support you with documents, examples and information on the topic of data protection to structure your entire system in compliance with data protection requirements (e.g. data processing agreements, technical and organisational measures, DPIA, regular updates). You profit from best practices based on a system that has been in use by our customers for decades.

  • Optimal information security

    To meet the highest possible standards, we offer a system that is certified for information security – plus two certifications according to ISO 27001. Our system is regularly subjected to penetration testing (including whitebox testing) – if desired, additional testing can be carried out by the customer. Business Keeper never has access to your data, which are stored in high-security data centres. In addition, all of our employees are permanently engaged and have been subjected to police background checks.

  • Right to audit

    We enable the auditing of Business Keeper, including the respective data centre, thereby supporting compliance with and optimisation of your internal processes, especially in the area of IT security and data protection.

  • Reliable auditing

    You profit from the intensive contacts we have developed over many years with all leading auditing and consulting firms. These companies are very familiar with the BKMS® Compliance System, which enjoys a reputation for satisfying the highest standards in the evaluation of a CMS.

  • Maintenance and adaptations

    We guarantee our customers continuous adaptations of all modules in line with their needs, including continuous maintenance without extra charges.

  • Individual customer support

    You are assigned an experienced, personal customer support representative, who is always available to provide competent support in all matters relating to the BKMS® Compliance System.

  • Further development

    We regularly provide you with all newly developed functions for the licensed modules at no additional cost. In other words, you profit from our long-term business model.

  • Evaluation

    The regular evaluation, including consulting by our customer support agents, will help you continuously optimise all implemented BKMS® applications and your CMS.

  • Training

    We train your responsible examiners in how to use the respective applications and functions of the BKMS® Compliance System. You receive support not only with the implementation but also with internal communication of the applications and their integration into your organisational structure.

  • Benchmarking

    Once per year, we publish a “BKMS® Benchmarking Report”, which we make available to all customers, providing them with valuable assistance in the further design of their own whistleblowing systems. The report also shares current trends directly from the large BKMS® community of experts.

  • Higher usability thanks to SSO integration

    Depending on your needs, the applications of the BKMS® Compliance System can be optionally integrated into an existing single sign-on (SSO) procedure based on SAML v2.0. This offers you additional convenience, security and multi-factor authentication.

  • Flexible routing

    Routing functionality within the BKMS® Compliance System enables cross-departmental or distributed work; this also makes it easy to adapt to modified structures. The routing can even be adapted by the customers themselves.

  • BKMS® network and events

    As a customer, you have the opportunity to participate in the annual conference “BKMS® Experience Day” and receive access to the BKMS® community of experts for exchanging technical information and experiences.

  • Information

    With our Business Keeper newsletter and our exclusive customer mailing “Business Keeper Insight”, we keep you up to date on all new developments in the world of compliance and the activities of Business Keeper.

  • Communication support

    We support you with extensive best practice examples from our many years of experience in the successful implementation of compliance tools.

  • Ombudspersons

    Business Keeper has worked together successfully with various ombudspersons for many years. We would be happy to put you into contact with suitable ombudspersons.

  • Support in working with staff representation bodies

    For many years, we have supported our customers in informing and communicating with staff representation bodies in connection with the introduction of compliance applications with mandatory participative decision-making. This assistance ranges from joint presentation before committees and councils to suitable examples for (group) works agreements and prepared technical wording for pertinent documents.

  • Training and education offers

    In cooperation with the Berlin School of Governance, Risk & Compliance (School GRC), we offer a communication seminar that is directed particularly toward report examiners at companies and government agencies. Over the course of two days, participants receive training in communication and psychological skills pertaining to dialogue with whistleblowers in addition to a number of practical tips.

  • User-friendliness

    The applications of the BKMS® Compliance System are entirely web-based with logically designed interfaces that can be loaded in all typical browsers and operating systems.

  • Professional translations

    Within the BKMS® Incident Reporting, we work with a longstanding partner to provide high-quality translations specialised in the field of compliance. If desired, you can also work together with our partner for other translation needs in the area of compliance.

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