Risk-based auditing of business partners

BKMS® Third Party allows you to quickly audit, evaluate, approve and document all business partners using a risk-based approach.

BKMS® Third Party is a risk-based tool which intuitively presents the entire workflow relating to the auditing and approval of business partners to help you achieve reliable and secure business relationships and partnerships.

The web-based application ensures the systematic and well-structured execution and audit-proof documentation of business partner due diligence. Information from external tools such as search databases (e.g. Dow Jones Risk & Compliance, Lexis Diligence, etc.) can be seamlessly integrated into the tool and taken into account in the audit results.


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BKMS® Third Party allows you to:


Automatically audit, evaluate and approve business partners and document the process in an audit-proof manner

Successfully meet all of the requirements of audits of business partners in accordance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the UK Bribery Act and Sapin II

Integrate a feature which constantly updates the profiles of all business partners thanks to post-approval processes

How does BKMS® Third Party work?


By integrating potential business partners via a special section of the application, they can easily provide required information themselves as part of the process. BKMS® Third Party is designed to ensure that the onboarding workflow is laid out in the operational units and, at the same time, to enable swift, efficient and, in particular, pragmatic and reliable auditing and approval of business partners.

In principle, any employee within the organisation can successfully onboard potential business partners in the application and, with its help, gather together the information required for a decision on possible cooperation and collaboration. 

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BKMS Third Party

Minimise third-party risks in the long term by deploying the best solution on the market

By opting for BKMS® Third Party you will benefit from software designed to meet the very highest standards. Find out why hundreds of companies have opted for Business Keeper’s products for guaranteeing the protection and earning the trust of their employees:

  • Exceptional data protection

    BKMS® Third Party is the first software of its kind certified in accordance with data protection law at European level (GDPR).

  • Maximum data security

    Your data are safe with us: thanks to double security certification in accordance with ISO 27001, unique encryption algorithms, high-security data centres and manual penetration testing.

  • Save time thanks to automation

    Gain valuable insights into your business partners by integrating external tools, such as Dow Jones Risk & Compliance, Lexis Diligence, etc.

  • Flexible growth

    Any number of employees and business partners can be integrated into the process.

  • Straightforward and time-saving documentation

    The tool ensures that the audit is extensively documented in an audit-proof manner.

  • Impressive management reporting

    Obtain meaningful management reports, evaluations and assessments.


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