Innovative whistleblower hotline for reporting information by phone

The BKMS® VoiceIntake whistleblower hotline enables you to help your employees report information easily and securely.

BKMS® VoiceIntake supplements the BKMS® Incident Reporting whistleblowing software by adding an option for reporting information by phone. Its innovative technology enables automated communication and therefore saves resources. It boasts the same content as the web-based reporting channel and is thus far superior to simple voice recording.

As such, the receipt and processing of phone reports, communication with whistleblowers and the documentation of the reported information can be presented securely and efficiently in one system.


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BKMS® VoiceIntake allows you to:


Enable your employees, suppliers and customers to securely report information by phone in order to respond quickly to potential risks

Confidentially process the reported information in BKMS® Incident Reporting thanks to transcribed reports

Set up highly secure and anonymous communications between whistleblowers and case reviewers via secure mailboxes

Deploy the best whistleblower hotline on the market

By opting for BKMS® VoiceIntake you will benefit from software designed to meet the very highest standards. Find out why hundreds of companies have opted for Business Keeper’s products for guaranteeing the protection and earning the trust of their employees:

  • Exceptional data protection

    BKMS® VoiceIntake is the first software of its kind certified in accordance with data protection law at European level (GDPR).

  • Maximum data security

    Your data are safe with us: thanks to double security certification in accordance with ISO 27001, unique encryption algorithms, high-security data centres and manual penetration testing.

  • Phone line reporting channel

    Provide your international employees with the opportunity to report information easily 24/7, anywhere in the world and in any language.

  • Security of report-related data

    Unlike other systems, only the case reviewer can view the report-related data – neither third parties nor Business Keeper have access.

  • Assessment, evaluation and documentation

    The process steps are assessed, evaluated and documented via BKMS® Incident Management.

  • Reliable geo numbers

    Reliable geo numbers are provided for all countries all around the world.


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