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In less than two minutes you can find out about the functions and value of the BKMS® System (also: BKMS® Incident Reporting).

As a key component of the BKMS® Compliance System, the electronic whistleblowing system allows employees to securely – and if they wish, completely anonymously – submit information on risks and grievances. At the same time it provides a way for whistleblowers and report examiners to have a secure dialogue. Companies, banks, insurances firms, public authorities, medical institutions, non-profit organisations, and anti-corruption agencies all over the world are using this closed application to prevent and clear up compliance risks early and internally by guaranteeing to meet the highest demands for data protection and security.


Even in well-managed businesses and organisations, things do not always run smoothly. Grievances or undetected malpractice can have serious impact and cause lasting damage to its reputation.

Upright employees or suppliers are often the first to realise those risks. Their knowledge can help to prevent significant financial damage, liability risks as well as negative reporting in the media.

But whistleblowers face a dilemma: On the one hand they want to act with loyalty to their organisation and indicate malpractices, ...on the other hand they fear potential disadvantages which may affect them personally...

A solution is provided by the BKMS® System: Unlike other whistleblowing systems, the closed web-based application allows a secure dialogue between the reporting person and the specified recipient within the organisation.

This makes it possible to exchange further information about the incident and to investigate it fully. It is up to whistleblowers whether to report by name or (to) remain anonymous.

Data privacy and data security are highly rated in the BKMS® System and comply with the highest standards. Using a special method, the incoming reports are encrypted within the application and kept in a high security data centre in Germany to rule out any unauthorised access. Even Business Keeper is unable to read or to modify this data.

The BKMS® System ensures that loyal employees can follow their conscience without fear of reprisals.

Companies, administrations and organisations benefit from the internally available knowledge for the effective prevention and detection of compliance risks, as a solid basis for their business success as well as a contribution towards a value-based business culture.