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BKMS® Compliance System

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BKMS® Compliance System

The highly secure and certified platform for compliance applications

The BKMS® Compliance System supports and simplifies the work of compliance officers as a modularly designed platform. The applications help – both individually and in combination – with preventing and combatting risks, malpractice and white-collar crime, the evaluation of business partners and the approval of benefits. The web-based ASP applications are operated and provided within a closed system (not a cloud) inside a high-security infrastructure. They form the “cockpit” for an individual and needs-based compliance structure.

The BKMS® Compliance System encompasses the customer-specific selection of BKMS® Compliance solutions, which can be individually assembled. The BKMS® Compliance System can be flexibly adapted to any organisational structure: from very small to medium-sized companies all the way to large, globally acting groups and public sector institutions, authorities or other organisations of varying structures and sizes. This provides customers with precisely the scope of functionality that they need.

The whistleblowing system

BKMS® System

The BKMS® System is the highly secure, web-based and unique whistleblowing system that is certified according to German and European data protection law. It encompasses the modules of BKMS® Incident Reporting for the web-based submission of reports and BKMS® Incident Management for the report processing.

BKMS® Incident Reporting enables the submission of reports on internal malpractices and risks at any time and from any location – both by name and anonymously as well as in any languages. At the same time, it offers comprehensive protection to the whistleblower: In contrast to other whistleblowing systems, neither Business Keeper AG nor any third parties have the ability to access the potentially sensitive report data. This is important for maintaining a basis of trust with respect to the employees in order to establish a functioning and trustworthy compliance structure at the company. To ensure this, the compliance system is regularly reappraised and certified by independent experts.

The BKMS® Incident Management offers examiners extensive and versatile functionality. A secured postbox that is only accessible to the whistleblower enables communication between the compliance officers and the (anonymous) whistleblower. Integrated translation tools permit efficient language-independent processing of incoming reports.

The BKMS® System is unparalleled in matters of data security and data protection and can be flexibly adapted to all national legal requirements. It is operated as an ASP (Application Service Providing) solution in a high-security data processing centre of tier 3+ in Germany or tier 4 in Switzerland. The security level is continuously ensured by regular external penetration testing, amongst other measures. No cloud platform is ever used.

The BKMS® System is by far the leading solution on the market in the area of electronic whistleblowing systems in Europe. It is thoroughly tamper-proof and recommended by the leading auditing agencies. Companies and organisations as well as administrative agencies and authorities that employ the BKMS® System profit from over 18 years of development work, in-depth experience in the requirements of electronic whistleblowing systems and a continuous transfer of knowledge in collaboration with our customers.

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Innovative telephone submission

BKMS® VoiceIntake

BKMS® VoiceIntake expands the BKMS® System with an option for reports to be submitted via telephone. With its innovative technology, it enables automated and thereby resource-efficient dialogue whose content corresponds to the web-based submission process and is superior to a simple voice recording. This allows whistleblowers from any country to submit reports at any time and in any desired language that automatically appear in the whistleblowing system and can be transcribed, if desired. These reports are securely consolidated in the BKMS® System and processed by the compliance organisation in accordance with data protection laws. The option of engaging in dialogue with the whistleblower remains. The whistleblower also has the option at any time to switch between the web-based and telephone-based channels.

The addition of BKMS® VoiceIntake provides another quickly implementable reporting channel in order to also reach the employees or whistleblowers who for historical or cultural reasons would like to be offered the ability to submit reports by telephone.

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Individual, process-based case management

BKMS® Case Management

BKMS® Case Management is a highly flexible workflow tool. It is specially designed to depict the individual work processes of companies and organisations. While basic report processing and case management functionality is already integrated into the BKMS® System, BKMS® Case Management offers expanded case management that makes it possible to satisfy specific standards and regulatory requirements. BKMS® Case Management thereby enables consistent, structured and tamper-proof case management in a highly secure environment. A configurable role and rights concept simplifies collaboration between multiple examiners from various departments, regions or countries and also makes it possible to comply with country-specific statutory requirements.

BKMS® Case Management is offered as an integrated solution together with the BKMS® System; however, it is also available and widely used as a stand-alone application. In contrast to other solutions, the supplemental BKMS® Case Management module can be individually adapted to the processes of the company.

The reporting in the BKMS® Case Management supplements the reporting functions in the whistleblowing system to provide for comprehensive, customer-specific real-time analysis as a powerful management reporting tool. With this customised reporting framework, compliance officers can produce analyses and statistics in all typical formats at any time – at the push of a button and in adherence to individual corporate design standards.

The flexibility of BKMS® Case Management also makes it possible to depict processes outside of case management in the application, such as management of financial fraud or the Critical Incident Reporting System (CIRS) in healthcare.

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Workflow-based, company-wide business partner evaluation

BKMS® Third Party

BKMS® Third Party is the risk-oriented application for assessment and approval of business partners. It is the only solution of its kind to support the entire process from the business partner evaluation to onboarding and regular follow-up evaluations. The application ensures systematic and structured procedures as well as tamper-proof documentation of the process. At the same time, BKMS® Third Party is so flexible that it can be customised for the individual processes of the company without sacrificing user friendliness. The structure of the application can be adapted to the risk matrix of the customer. Information from external tools such as research databases (e.g. Dow Jones Risk & Compliance, Lexis Diligence, etc.) can be seamlessly integrated into the application and taken into account in the results of an assessment.

The potential business partners are integrated into the application by means of a special portal, allowing the required self-assessments to be easily integrated into the process. BKMS® Third Party is designed to situate the onboarding workflow within the operational units while also enabling rapid, efficient and, in particular, pragmatic and dependable evaluation and approval. In principle, every employee of the organisation can onboard potential business partners in the application and compile the information required for the decision on collaboration with the help of the application. Users with specific rights in a corresponding approval role then receive the information, evaluate it and make the decision on collaboration with the potential partner. The web-based ASP solution is implemented on the highly secure BKMS® platform and is available worldwide 24/7.

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All approval and mandatory information processes in one place

BKMS® Approvals

BKMS® Approvals is the solution for approval processes as well as the mandatory submission of information by employees and its documentation in relation to pre-defined risks in the compliance area.

The potential topics here range from the receiving and granting of benefits to sponsoring and events or anti-trust-related aspects such as membership in associations and organisations or collaboration with competitors.

If these are not systematically evaluated and documented and compliance incidents do occur, this has a direct impact on the given organisation. One special challenge is the structured and systematic processing of a large number of approval requests along with their tamper-proof documentation. It must also be possible for the request for approval to be submitted in any language and by any employee from any location in the world. BKMS® Approvals enables the depiction of the entire workflow up to granting of the approval, including documentation and re-evaluation. The application can be flexibly adapted to the individual processes and requirements of the customer.

The configuration is based on a pre-configured base version of the application, which is individually adapted for the various customers based on a customer-specific risk matrix and specific processes. The implementation takes place based on established best practice processes.

BKMS® Approvals supports the implementation of both centralised and decentralised processes. For example, operational units can be directly integrated, if necessary, since any employee can basically initiate a process. The approval of requests can be structured with a single stage or multiple stages and can include persons responsible in business units as well as subject matter experts, e.g. in Compliance. Automatic approvals, such as of low-value benefits are also possible in accordance with the customer-specific rules matrix.

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