Trouble Ticket

Before you fill out and send this form, please dial the number for the phone-based report submission of the BKMS® system. We kindly ask you to submit this trouble ticket promptly after your test call.

The following points illustrate the most common causes for difficulties with reaching international service numbers. Before submitting the trouble ticket please check the list and see if one of them is the cause of the problem?

  • Your provider may prohibit international calls.
  • Your provider may prohibit calls to toll-free service numbers.
    -> If you are using a company provided phone, please clarify with your company’s administrator
    -> If you are using a private phone, please clarify with your telephony provider
  • In case you have to dial specific prefixes, e.g. "0" or "9" to make external calls, please make sure to do so.
  • International service numbers cannot be dialed from mobile phones abroad. Please make sure to call the toll-free number from within the country where it is offered.
  • Most hotel telephones do not support toll-free numbers.
  • Please do not use Skype or similar apps/services for your test call either.

Please try to call the number both via landline and via cell phone.

Problem description

Was there a free-line signal before dialing?
Please answer the following questions for calls made from a cell phone:
Please answer the following questions for calls made from a land line:
The description of the call behavior should be as detailed as possible (e.g. whether there was a dial tone, a busy signal, noise, silence, a beep or an automated message during the call, whether the call automatically terminated, etc.). The more detailed the information, the better we estimate the chance to find possible causes. Kindly submit the trouble ticket promptly after the test calls.

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